Improve Guest Experience with Cloud PMS

Improve Guest Experience with Cloud PMS

How can we improve guest experience in such a competitive market? What is the best way to start?

The financial gains of using a property management system (PMS) are now widely accepted, as hoteliers around the globe are discovering the value of software-enabled automation and organization.

Improved efficiency and simpler management, enabled by these systems has a direct impact on the property’s bottom-line. It allows owners to lower their costs as well as save time – a priceless commodity for busy front-desk managers.

However, it’s not just management that gets simpler with hotel software, the guest experience is also improved. Better technology allows properties to manage all operations smoothly and these benefits unavoidably extend down to the guest experience as well.

The relationship between smoother back-end operation and higher user satisfaction is based on several procedures that directly and indirectly influence the establishment’s ability to look after its guests, and many of them are determined by how well the hotel’s core activities are handled.

Reduced Errors Equals More Time for Staff

Repetitive tasks such as night auditing, reservation organization, inventory updating and many others can be automated with Cloud PMS, freeing the hotel’s staff from these duties and allowing them to spend more time with guests. The system also enables the management to allocate certain tasks to specific employees, reducing the possibility of mistakes.

The staff can also quickly communicate with the front desk in real-time with integrated mobile devices, allowing for any last-minute changes. Over time, this creates an environment of high-quality, standardized routines with little room for error.

Human errors usually occur in departments with no or little standardization. These processes ease the pressure on the staff and make it easier for them to greet guests in a warm and friendly manner, all day, every day.

Beyond Personalized Guest Experience

Guests love personalization and always remember a property that went the extra mile to make them feel special. With the large number of visitors checking in and out of hotels today, it can become almost impossible to keep track of all their preferences.

Cloud PMS enables hotels to create guest profiles that record preferences and services requested during their stay. In the future when the guest visits again, it helps the brand develop a stronger bond with the guest. This not only improves the guest’s stay, it also encourages them to leave a positive review which in turn improves the property’s online ranking.

Guests love personalization and always remember a property

Better Understanding of Guest Trends

Gathering and compiling reports can become an extremely monotonous process as data needs to be collected from each department of the hotel before being verified and analyzed. Since most of the hotel’s operations are recorded by the PMS, the system can produce detailed reports on a variety of trends using its own database of information.

This allows the management to specifically pick out factors that are influencing guest trends and strengthen the ones that have a positive effect. The system can also help hoteliers determine the most popular points-of-sale and expand where necessary, helping the property scale at the same time.


Travelers nowadays are not looking to stay in only the popular branded hotels, independent properties have as much leverage – maybe even more – when it comes to attracting guests today. However, most independent hotels aren’t well equipped to deal with a higher level of occupancy as efficiently as the larger properties, and a Cloud PMS solves this problem for them.

At the end of the day, simplifying things for your management and employees will allow them to focus better on what’s really important – the guest.

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