Cloud CCTV Camera

Innovative solutions for CCTV camera, now available in the Philippines.

Cloud CCTV Camera World - Evolved

For many years, CCTV camera evolved slowly, and individuals and companies could not view different brands of cameras effortlessly, in one place. Secure and simple-to-use platform was created by our partner Angelcam. You can now connect and view footage on any device from your security cameras, anywhere, anytime.

When we say Secured, We mean it!

Angelcam works with any camera brand. Connect it with just a few clicks.

No software or hardware required. The only thing you need is the IP camera and internet connection.

Watch it virtually anywhere in the world. Your IP camera recordings are accessible from any device.

Your security cameras are perfectly safe with us. Videos are stored in Amazon S3 servers, and everything happens through HTTPS to protecting your data and privacy.