About Us

In RLX Business Solutions, we believe that people matter.

We have created a focused group of consulting services that offer solving all business related and personal challenges. We adapted general service consulting and customized it to fit companies in need of development and growth.

Our company offers top industry solutions for businesses and hospitality establishments in a form of Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Communication Coaching, Cloud-based Property Management Systems (PMS) for hotels, motels and resorts, and Cloud-based CCTV.

Our philosophy

As our company name indicates, RLX (Real Life eXperience), we are dedicated to helping businesses develop their people and enhance their skills.

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About our future

Utilizing the leadership and business strategies that we have developed over the years, we will assist you achieve unprecedented results.

Coaching Quality Policy

The coaching experience we provide in RLX is highly personalized. Although it’s personalized, we do emphasize one common thing among all coaching clients. If you’re not working with an experienced and knowledgeable coach, as well as following an established program, you probably won’t achieve your goals in professional and personal life.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced business professionals who come from different backgrounds. This gave them real-world insights and perspectives to apply when working with our clients.

John Todorovic

John S. Todorovic

Executive Coach

Crisly Z. Todorovic

Digital Marketing Coach