Leadership Effectiveness – Leading by Moving

Leaders are born. Have you heard about this MYTH? According to Vince Lombardi, Leaders aren’t born, they are made! How do we develop ourselves as leaders and improve our leadership effectiveness?

Friends, leadership is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be acquired. Something Learned is not remembered after several years gone by, but something Acquired lasts a lifetime. Would you agree?

In today’s environment, leadership suggests the need to guide and influence people to take action. The role of the leader is fast becoming that of a facilitator and coach compared to the “taskmaster” of yesterday.

The leader who is flexible will likely be better able to provide an environment within which motivation can take place.

I recently discovered that the direction I was taking was the right choice for me. I had to learn, adapt and move to keep pushing forward and improve my leadership skills.


Have you ever been placed in a position where you had to start making decisions, even though you weren’t ready? Was it fun?

My first experience with leadership was in the military, when I was promoted to private first class. In Serbian military, once you get that promotion, you are assigned to lead a squad of 10-15 people.

Did I know what I was doing? No. Did I do something about it? Absolutely! I was already observing experienced soldiers and how they lead other squads. That gave me the confidence to keep pushing and improve leadership effectiveness.

Doing things you're not supposed to do

That was the time where I understood the importance of learning by doing. Sometimes you will find out what you are supposed to do by doing things you’re NOT supposed to do.

That means, be ready for failures, but don’t be afraid of them because if you don’t fail, you’re not even trying.

The importance of learning and guidance became apparent to me short after, and I decided to improve LEADING BY LEARNING.

Do you enjoy learning? If you’re enjoying, stand up and say: I ENJOY LEARNING!


One experience is not enough to develop a leader to the full potential. It is a continuous learning process. Being exposed to different environments, I was able to grasp the importance of adapting.

A few years ago, I started working in hospitality industry, as a general manager of a hotel and restaurant. Hospitality is an ever-changing industry. Trends are changing, people are changing, environments are changing.

To be able to lead a team, I needed to develop the ability to adapt to any situation. That ability has helped me improve my leadership skills.

Every individual in any environment may require a different approach. As leaders, we should adapt our leadership style towards the team we are training as it will enhance our leadership effectiveness.

How can we become more adaptable as leaders? Practice patience. Do you think patience can be practiced? Sure, it can.

The significance of adapting and being patient made me realize that I want to continue LEADING BY ADAPTING.

Would you like to be able to adapt? If you do, look yourself in the mirror and say: I WILL ADAPT!


Leadership is an endless journey of self-improvement, and it is not only you who will benefit from it. This journey will provide advantage in life for everyone around you.

Every journey has obstacles. Do you know what is your biggest obstacle? YOU!

How do you overcome the biggest obstacle? Be honest to yourself. Admit and embrace your flaws. Find and enhance your strengths. Open your mind to new knowledge.

Once I became honest to myself, I discovered my true potential. I wanted to concentrate on preparing individuals and teams and help them realize their full potential.

I understood that life can be more than living. If you are not enjoying what you do, you’re in the wrong position.

One of my favorite authors and motivational speakers, Simon Sinek said: “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.”

The importance of moving and overcoming obstacles has helped me understand that I want to pursue LEADING BY MOVING.

Are you moving in your life? If you are, stand up and say: I AM MOVING!

WOW! That was great!

Leadership Effectiveness

Fellow leaders, let us guide and motivate others. Let’s make a better environment for development of teams and individuals.

We can become leaders who are flexible and able to coach others. After all:

We should improve LEADING BY LEARNING.

We should continue LEADING BY ADAPTING.

We should pursue LEADING BY MOVING.

Ready to take the next step in your leadership journey?

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John Todorovic

John Todorovic

I help aspiring and existing leaders improve their skills through effective coaching.

As a restless knowledge seeker, I love acquiring new knowledge on a daily basis through various types of research techniques. All this aligns with my life's mission: sharing knowledge is a privilege and an obligation.

35 Responses

  1. I believe that leaders are trained and made. We all have leadership qualities, we just have to discover where it could fit.

    1. You’re right Blair. Discovering them on your own or with a help from someone can really improve one’s abilities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Woow. This is a cool article for anyone who wish to improve their leadership qualities. Well done and Thanks for sharing…

  3. Being effective as a leader is very important to you and the people who look to you for answers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Indeed it is Safi. Adapting is a great way for leaders to become more flexible in any environment.

  4. Each of this is applicable not just for professionals but for everyone in every day life.. some life skills that I can inculcate in my child right from the start

  5. Your comment on decision making was interesting. A mentor once told me to learn to make decisions and that would set me apart as a leader. I took a course in decision making and it’s really a struggle for a lot of people! Always making the correct decision isn’t necessary, you just have to be able to stand behind your decision as a leader.

  6. Great article. I absolutely love the quote about working hard for something that you don’t care about being a stressor, but working hard for something you love being a passion.

  7. I believe leadership comes with experience. You have to ofcource learn and adapt and move. But experience also plays a big advantage to leadership

  8. Have read many posts on leadership, many of which have jargon that are tough to decipher. Your post is simple, straightforward and calls for action. It helps to reflect on one’s leadership ability and gives confidence to everyone who wants to be a leader in which ever place, work, community or home 🙂 Loved the quote ” Sometimes you will find out what you are supposed to do by doing things you’re NOT supposed to do.” and totally agree with it.

  9. You are absolutely right. I learned a lot from your article. Leaders are not born, they are made! It is a continuous learning process. Nice article!

  10. Good post John. Simon Sinek is one of my favourite authors too. I think you hit the nail on the head about modelling your leadership style on other’s more experienced leadership styles as well. Because you can learn through their experiences. Tony Robbins also talks quite alot on this.

  11. Some great thoughts here. I have coached a lot of leaders through workshops on effective leadership by continuous learning and adapting.

  12. This is really helpful for me as I always lack leadership qualities. Hope following this help me.

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